Brock Steele knows his name - and very little else. After a vicious attack in mysterious circumstances, Brock’s memory has abandoned him. He has no idea why he’s being hounded by a mysterious man with a gun or why bad things keep happening to the people he loves. And why are strange voices talking to him from the walls of his flat? When he’s forced to go on the run to save his life, he has to decide who to trust - and making a mistake could be fatal. Can Brock find out who he is, why he’s being hunted, and stay alive into the bargain?

Action, tension and drama can all be found in, Brock Steele Sphere. This thrilling story is written by Alex Bloodfire. This centers on Brock Steele who hardly knows anything about his past. A series of events straight out of an exciting spy movie unfolds before Brock. In order to get the answers he needs, he has to first figure out what his unknown past, a thumb drive and MI5 all have in common.

What I enjoyed.

Alex does a great job of building up tension throughout the entire book. Alex is able to bring Brock’s urgency to life, which adds that extra edge to this story. The high intense moments in this story like car chases, fights etc are remarkably put together. Instead of it just being word vomit on page, it’s very well crafted encounters. Alex makes Brock work for his answers. There are no dull or dumb moments within this story. Everything flows smoothly.

What I didn’t enjoy. 

This can either be taken as positive or negative, depending on who are. This work of art is definitely for a niche audience. If you are a fan of stories like the Jason Bourne series, espionage, and other things of that same nature, then I high recommended this story. Would I still recommend this story even if you are not a fan of this genre, yes but it wouldn’t be my first go to.


Brock Steele Sphere is intense story telling that results in a sleek espionage thriller that is very well crafted and paced. This is definitely for a niche audience. For anyone into spy thrillers, I give this book a 5 out 5. Otherwise, still a good read, but not at the top of my recommend list, but definitely not the lowest. Sphere is the first book in the Brock Steele book series. Alex has a brilliant talent for writing espionage thrillers. Anyone who is a fan of this genre should add this work of art to their library.

Final Score

4 out 5 stars