Kiersten and her friends love ghost hunting; their idea of a good time is rooting around haunted houses. Tonight was supposed to be no different. Kiersten is hoping the night’s spooky antics will take her mind off her troubles. This time they’re exploring Creighton Asylum, but tonight it’s not ghosts who threaten them.

Kiersten and her friends must try and survive as a very real killer chases them through the halls of the locked asylum. He knows every inch of the building by heart, and he has some nasty surprises in store for them.

Can Kiersten and her friends survive a night in the Asylum?

Asylum is a horror thriller by Micheal Chambers and narrated by Kay Webster. This novella focuses on Kiersten and her friends exploring the old and nightmarish facility, Creighton Asylum. In hopes to find ghost, ghouls and things that go bump in the night for internet fame. Instead of finding internet fame, they find something that bumps back and hunts Kiersten and her friends down. This thriller kept me interested from start to finish.

What I enjoyed.

Asylum reminds me of those 90s teen scream movies you see in the movie theaters. It has the tropes you find in these stories. Horny and drunk teens. The killer stalking his prey throughout the story, etc. However, that’s not a bad thing in this story. Chambers does an outstanding job in morphing those everyday cheesy horror tropes into something dark, thrilling and hair-raising.

There are graphic scenes in this story however, Chambers does an outstanding job at bringing them to life. So if you are squeamish, I have warned you.

With every audiobook lets talk about the narrator. Kay Webster voice acting really pulls you into the story and makes it seem like you are there with the characters.

What I didn't enjoy

The graphic scenes were well put together, but I feel Chambers relied on them heavily to bring out the horror element of the story.

What would have really made the story stand out was making the Asylum come to life. He touches on the Asylums past briefly. With Chambers’ creative mind, I feel he could have done a lot more to really bring out the creepy aura of the asylum building itself.


The Asylum is a great quick read or listen if you want a good horror story. Chambers turns something that reminds you of a cheesy 90s teen horror movie into a worthwhile horror story. Through Websters narration, I really felt like I was there. What really would have upped that creepy vibe was if the Asylum had more lore. At the end of the creepy day, this listen was an enjoyable one and Chambers has a genuine talent for the horror genre.

Final Score

4 out of 5 stars.