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J.B Taylor lives in Indiana with his dog, Chico.

He lives to write and writes to live.

His inspirations span every genre, but he has a particular fondness for science fiction, cyberpunk, and dystopian tales.






















1. Who is JB and how long have you been writing? 

I’m a writer and youtuber whose been writing for close to fifteen years,
successfully for the last year. It took time to find my voice, to learn the ropes of what it takes
to be a writer.

2. What was your inspiration behind Unplugged?

My love for the movie, The Matrix. I always wanted to pay homage to the film,
and couldn’t, for the longest time, figure out how to. I’d dabbled and never found the right
way, then I read the book Neuromancer by William Gibson. A lightbulb went off then, and I
knew that to pay homage to the story I would need to put someone into a digital prison and
then get them out somehow. Why it took, Neuromancer to figure that out, I don’t know. But
I’m glad it helped.

3. How did you develop your plot and characters for Unplugged?

I knew only that I wanted to put a character into a digital prison and get them out,
but that’s all I knew. I rolled with the punches the rest of the way. As for my characters, I
wanted each to matter in their own unique way. Bell needed to show how someone could be
alright with the lie. Zendaya needed to show how one can be aware of it, keep their head on
straight, and with a lot of luck and patience, get out of the lie alive. Everyone else with the
Vivarium were bit players that needed to show that not everything in the lie was as it
seemed, and also that not everyone in the lie was as they seemed.

In the real world, everyone in Aislin’s orbit had to be a direct result of their
environment. The real world made them blunt, and more than capable of dealing with what
should be incredibly difficult. As for the Honorable Father, I put a lot of work into him. I
wanted him to be a walking contradiction by showing that his sense of superiority was

unearned. I wanted him to show everything wrong with machine kind, but to also showcase
what terrible things he picked up from humans.

4. What is a typical writing day like for you?

I don’t work as I’m autistic and have other disabilities so I have lots of time to
write. As I’ve found my groove at writing, and have plenty of time, I try to get a nine to five
in as best I can. I get up, make coffee and take the dog for a walk. After that, it’s time to
write. I say I try to get a nine to five in as best I can but here lately it’s been a few hours a
day. But when I’m on, it’s most of the day.

5. Unplugged is just book one of what I foresee seeing being a great series.

Without giving too much away what can readers expect?

A nice bow being tied on the whole story. There is one side of the world still
under machine rule, and the heroes will either take it, or die trying. And that’s not giving
anything away as I have zero problems with killing off main characters.

6. I had the pleasure of listening to the audiobook.

What was the process like turning your art into an audiobook?

Surprisingly easy, and very free. It was a pleasure working with Helen McFarlane,
she was so professional and nice. All I had to do was search through narrators on ACX,
listen to samples and send out an offer to the person I liked the most. After that, it was as
simple as listening to each chapter as they were uploaded by McFarlane. Then approve the
final product. So very simple.

7. When you first approached me about a review the first thing that caught my eyes was the cover.

What was the idea behind it?

I wanted the cover to be a metaphor for the story as a whole. Show the machine,
the human, and with the wear and tear on the figure, the struggle. I lucked out in that my
friend Ed Lorn found the image and brought it to my attention. It’s a gem.

8. What tips can you offer other authors?

Be honest to yourself and your story. Take your time. Hire an editor. Accept
criticism from that editor with open arms, learn from it and better yourself and your story
with it. NEVER upload a first draft. EVER. Research, your readers aren’t stupid. You need
to know your stuff.

9. Where can people find you?

9. I’m on YouTube and Twitter.
Twitter at: @JBTaylor42

YouTube at:

10. Final thoughts? 

Thank you for interviewing me, and taking a chance on my book. I’m glad you
enjoyed it.

Published Date: January 25, 2022



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