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review policy

Review policy
Where do I post reviews?

Amazon, Goodreads, here on my site, my twitter and Facebook page. Other places are available upon request.

How do I rate books?

It’s a simple 1 – 5 star rating
1 star – It was like pulling teeth to finish.  Wouldn’t recommend.
2  star- It was okay, but wouldn’t read again. Wouldn’t recommend. 
3 star – Good read. Intriguing plot, characters and etc. Would recommend
4 star – Real page turner. Kept my attention the whole time. Would recommend 
5 star – COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! Story kept me sucked in from start to finish.  Definitely recommend 

What do I read?

I enjoy works from the following genres. 
-    Science Fiction ( all kinds space opera, cyberpunk, give me all the SCIENCE FICTION!!!) 
-    Horror
-    Thriller
-    Mystery
-    Suspense 
-    Comic/Graphic novels.
-    Fantasy
-    Dystopian

Will not review
-    Non-fiction
-    Romance 
-    Erotica
-    Middle grade/ tween 
-    Chick lit
-    Children’s books 

If I have not mentioned the genre of your book please send me an email and I will let you know if it’s a good fit for me not. 

What formats do I prefer?

Ebook, pdf, mobi, physical copies either paperback or hardback. If you have an audiobook version of your work that’s even better. I have notice that a lot of audiobooks don’t get a lot of love from the review community and that type of format is my preferred medium above all. If you have an audiobook of your work please let me know when contacting me. 

Please contact me if you wanting me to review your book at with a summary of your book and what genre is. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

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