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Meet the creatoR

Meet the creator is a blog where creators from across the literary world come to have their voice heard and get their name and talents out there. There is more than just putting pen to paper and writing when it comes to creating a book. There is a whole cast creators that goes into it.

Who is a creator?

Are you a writer? You create literary works of art to share with world. What was your inspiration?

Are you a book reviewer? You create well rounded and knowledgeable book reviews so that people can find their next favorite author. What’s the difference between a good book and great book?

Are you and editor? You are essential. You turn a writers words into art. How do you do it?

I’m a book cover artist though. You create the art that catches someone eyes. You are the reason why people even GLANCE at our books. What’s your creative process like?

You’re a voice actor for audiobooks? You give our art a voice. What’s that like?

I want to share your story with the world. Contact me below and let’s get your name out there.

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