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Jay Reace is an author, highly sought after speaker and motivator. Most known for inspiring others to achieve their dreams. His first novel Legacy, is a family friendly adventure fantasy that is based off his real family. Legacy, is a story centered around a families search for peace. However, because of choices the parents made in the past, the family is now forced to deal with the consequences of a legacy long left behind. Jay believes it’s possible for every person to find the great abilities they hold within and become the hero of their life. Jay’s mission is to help everyone break free from conformity, to become the best version of themselves and live in their destiny.





















1. Who is Jay and how long have you been writing?

I have been writing off and on all my life. But I’ve been writing professionally for about 4 years now. And to answer the first part of your question, I'm simply a human that does his best to do as much good as he possibly can, with as little harm to others. 

2. What was the inspiration behind your book series?

My family and I wanting to see ourselves in the things we read, was the spark that started it all.

3. Magic systems are some of the most difficult parts when it comes to world building. How did you come up with your magic system and was it hard?

Correct, they absolutely can be difficult and my biggest challenge creating the magic system was making sure it was believable. I created a system that made sense for the Legacy world. And one I felt would compliment the story I was telling.

4. How long do you see the book series being?

As long as I feel there is a story to tell in the world of Legacy, I will be happy to continue writing stories. But, to be honest, I currently have the series planned out for 9 books.

5. When will the next book be released? 

Book 2 in the Scion Series is coming along nicely, and should be released no later than late summer 2022. But with all projects, it’s possible it may come a little later or even a little earlier. But I’ll always post the release and more info on any and all of my social media accounts.

6. Writer's block. How do you deal with it?

I use to get writers block, a lot. But once I learned my first draft is where I’m telling the story for the first time to myself, I realized it doesn’t need to be perfect. However, if I do get it now, it’s because I’m stressed or focused on something in my personal life. But once i’m able to de-stress and resolve those distracting items from my life, I can usually get back to writing.

7. In one word, describe your writing style?


8. Any tips you want to give upcoming write?

It’s okay to take advice, but if you don’t already, be sure to understand just because it worked or didn’t work for an author, doesn’t mean it will or won’t work for you. Being an author is a lot of trial and error. Make mistakes and learn from them. Forgive yourself and make the best decision you can, with the information you have at that time. 

9. 9. Where can people find you on social media?

My handle is @findingjayreace and I’m currently on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

Published Date: December 15, 2021



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