“An action packed dystopian thrill ride!”

In a post-American world, where an oppressive global government blankets all of humanity, the entire prison system has been dismissed in favor of an ungoverned region of forced exile. Commonly called the State of Refuge, the convicts within its boundaries must fend for themselves amidst violence and anarchy if they hope to survive. When seventeen-year-old Derek Vaskez is wrongly sentenced there, he finds himself caught up in a conspiracy much larger than he could ever imagine. He alone possesses something that many ruthless people are searching for and would kill to obtain—something so valuable that it could change the entire world as he knows it.

Filled with non-stop action, exciting twists, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and even a touch of humor and romance, you are sure to enjoy State of Refuge!

State of Refuge is a great dystopian work of art written by David Korson. Derek Vaskez life is ripped away from him at the drop of a dime when he sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit. His punishment, being sent to The State of Refuge. The State of Refuge (the location not the book.) Is an extensive region of land cut off the rest of civilization where the guilty now go. To get the answers he needs, Derek must first escape hell on earth. The State of Refuge is home to murders, rapists, and evil itself.

What I enjoyed.

The first thing that I noticed about the story is that it is extremely well written. A prime example of this is that throughout the book Derek has flashbacks to his time before being in the State of Refuge. The flashbacks flowed seamlessly into the overall story. This story, with all its action, drama, suspense and even a bit of romance, all flows together. The characters are very well flushed out. Each character has meaning and purpose. Korsons writing is very descriptive and rich with detail. His writing makes it very easy to paint this harsh and unforgiving world in your head.

What I didn’t enjoy. 

I honestly have no complaints.


States of Refuge is a great dystopian work of art. To me it puts me in the mind of a darker and more gruesome Hunger Games with a splash of Escape from L.A. This a great read for anyone. Even if you not a big fan of this genre I still recommend you pick this one up. This story is very well put together and has a little bit of everything for everyone, all of which is rich in details to get lost in. This is the first of a three-book series. If the rest of series is like this, then I foresee the other two being well written page turners that I look forward to getting my hands on.

Final Score

5 out 5 stars