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What happens when most of the human population wipes out? A universe with few humans, struggling to survive.

War has ravaged every living organization, and now that it's over, minds turn to the uncertain future. Rumors of enormous reserves of food, water, and medicine become the basis of most missions.

But rarely is an abandoned stockpile left unprotected.

Focused Vanguard is a story written by Yolanda Yasin. For this review I listened to the audiobook, which is narrated by Cai Lonergan.

This short sci-fi story focuses on Captain Nathanael, a highly intelligent ape, and his crew also made up of highly intelligent apes. Their mission, investigate Bunker 3.0 in hopes to find food, water and other supplies that will benefit The Alliance after its incredibly long war with the Arad Empire. Nathanael has two goals in mind on this mission. One, find any worthwhile supplies. Two, prove to his superiors within the Alliance military that he is more than just an ape and that he has what it takes to be an officer in the Alliance military.

While exploring Bunker 3.0 Nathanael and his crew discover they are not alone, and while searching for supplies, Nathanael finds more than just supplies. He’s past pays him a visit.

What I did enjoy.

Be it short, this sci-fi adventure is a decent read. I enjoyed Nathanael has a logical goal that drives him forward throughout the book. The twists that Yolanda threw in during the middle and ending of the book were a pleasurable surprise. A lot of twists can be seen a mile away, but Yolanda does a magnificent job of keeping it hidden from the reader until the right time. These twists let the reader in on Nathanael’s interesting past.

I have to talk about the book cover. Sci-fi is one of my favorite genres. If a book has a great sci-fi cover, I will at least pick it up and read the blurb. Focused Vanguard has a brilliant cover that screams great sci-fi story.

What I didn’t enjoy. 

For a sci-fi story, I really wish there was more sci-fi elements. The sci-fi elements in this story weren’t bad, I just wanted there to be more of them. The world that Focused Vanguard takes place in has the potential to be a very interesting one. If Yolanda touched on the universe more, I would have been sucked me in more. The setting is okay for a sci-fi setting, but that’s just it. It’s okay. The narrator Cai Lonergran performance was average. It wasn’t good, but not bad either. Did it his narration take me out of the story? No, it didn’t. However, at the same time it didn’t draw me in either.

Final Thoughts

Focused Vanguard is a short but sweet sci-fi adventure. The audiobook is just under two hours. If you want a quick sci-fi fix, I would definitely check it out. It’s a fun, decent listen. If you are looking for an epic tale that takes you over all the universe, I recommend you look elsewhere. Despite this book being just decent read, Chambers does have me very curious about what is in store next for the universe of Focused Vanguard. 

Final Score

2 out 5 stars





When Hâjogana was young, he aspired to be a governor of one of the colonies of the Konjor Supercorporation, making a difference in a vicious Galaxy with his benevolence.

As he grew up, he was given over to the Gaantegeu army in exchange for several prisoners. As one of the officers of one of the Galaxy’s greatest armies, he fought so well that he became one of its best fighter aces, renowned throughout the Galaxy’s realms. But out of a sudden, he was transferred back into his Supercorporation: firstly under the tenure of a vicious entrepreneur, and then under the direct authority of the sadistic governor Vannikon.

The Supercorporation has left him at the fleeting mercy of his tests and his abusive superiors. If he overcomes them, he will become the next Governor; but if he loses, he might face a cruel and excruciating death. Will he pass his coming tests and make it out alive?

From ace pilot to petty servant. Hâjogana, written by Samuel Yaw, is a sci-fi dystopian novel. Our protagonist Hâjogana, has been given to the Gaantegeu army in exchange for several other prisoners. While in captivity he goes from a petty servant to Vice Governor of West Luril. Using his newfound power as Vice Governor, Hâjogana implements a massive wave of reforms for the betterment of West Luril. The only thing that stands in the way of this new prosperity is the current powers that be.


What I enjoyed.

Lets talk about Yaws creativity of the world this sci-fi adventure takes place in. I enjoy the descriptions of both physical and other things of that nature with the different alien races within this novel. These descriptions really bring the sci-fi element to life for the reader. The world itself felt alive, like it was a character itself. What also made this novel interesting was that it is sci-fi, dystopian and political satire all rolled up into one. Thus having a a little bit of something for everyone if you are a fan of those genres.


What I didn’t enjoy

One of things that I first noticed was that the scene changing was very sudden. The world itself is well flushed, but not the characters. There is not much character development. To me it seems like that Hâjogana is just getting into one troubling situation after another. There is the potential for the for a brilliant father and son like relationship between Hâjogana and another character by the name of Bonjakon, however it isn’t touched on much. I feel there could have been so much story there, but it was left on the table.


Hâjogana is a great sci-fi story. Hâjogana starts at the top. Hits rock bottom with being a servant to an evil tyrant and then climbing back up to the top all while trying to better society and the people within it. Yaws world building talents are great. The world and its inhabitants are very well flushed out, allowing the reader to get lost in it. Even though the story has a lot that one would want in a sci-fi novel, it is lacking a few things. There could have been a lot more character development. I would have really liked to see what more Yaw could have done with the relationship between Bonjakon and Hâjogana. The story was a nice sci-fi read, but the transitioning between scenes could have been better. One can tell that Yaw has an outstanding talent when it come sci-fi and a brilliant mind for world building. I look forward to seeing what sci-fi works he comes out with in the future.

Final Score

3 out of 5 stars.





Since he was a child, Connor has dreamt of horrible machines. Years of nightmares have left the young inventor clinging desperately to his unravelling sanity, but that isn’t the worst part; that would be the gnawing certainty he could build those mechanical terrors, no matter how impossible they might seem. Everything changes when his dreams reveal a new machine, a miraculous device that brings hope instead of terror, and could save humanity from the many threats facing our modern world. Connor sets to work immediately, desperate to know once and for all if the visions haunting him are merely bad dreams or something far more sinister. As the machine takes shape and forces Connor to question everything he thought he knew, unseen forces begin circling. Even with the help of his closest friends, can Connor escape the burgeoning threat? What’s more, will he ever unravel the mystery of the nightmare schematic?

The Nightmare Schematic is the debut novel of Canadian author Kyle Bentley, and the first book in The Age of Entropy series.

The Nightmare Schematic is a sci-fi adventure, focusing around an inventor named Connor. Since childhood Connor has been plagued with nightmares filled with various types of hellish machines. Each more disturbing than the last. In order to put the nightmares to rest, Connor knows what must be done. Connor assembles one of the nightmarish machines. With the machine of his nightmares built, Connors decides he wants to use it to better humanity, but his problems only intensify.

What I enjoyed

The Nightmare Schematic is a very interesting and well-written novel. First thing I noticed is that Bentley does an outstanding job at keeping the pace of the story. This was the very definition of a page tuner and I couldn’t put this book down.

During the construction of Conner’s machine, the reader really sees the toll this machine takes on him both physically and mentally. Bentley, in great detail, captures the toll this machine has taken on Connor. To the lack of sleep to not eating, etc.

Even though the overall focus is Conner’s journey assembling his machine, there are a few sub plots that all come together at the end. An example of this would the series that Connor watches, The Princess of Terava throughout the book. It was its own little sub plot on its own that also made me wonder what will have next with in that story as well. It was a nice sub plot to change things up from time to time during the story.

I want to touch on Conner’s nightmares. The description of the nightmare world (for lack of a better term) was top tier. When I see the nightmare world in my head, I see a clockwork hellish landscape with machines and machine parts all over. The visualization Bentley gives to his readers allows them to really get inside Conner’s head and get a better understanding of the nightmares that torment our protagonist.  

What I didn’t enjoy

I can honestly say I enjoyed everything about this book from start to finish.



The Nightmare Schematic is not your everyday sci-fi adventure, but it is still an outstanding read. Bentley does a superb job at letting us inside Conner’s head. We can see the construction of the machine take its toll on Connor throughout the novel and this is captured extremely well. Be it the main plot of sub plot, Bentley kept me interested in both and left me wanting more chapter after chapter. I look forward to seeing what work Bentley produces next.

Final Score

5 out of 5 stars.





Ruby Palmer finds herself on an entire planet surrounded by the things she hates the most: robots. Besides taking everything she says way too literally, the robots have problems of their own. A myriad of technical glitches are, on the cosmological scale, quickly destroying them. Ruby has the programming knowledge and skills that matter to them, but can she overcome her fears and find it within herself to help? Her survival, along with the survival of all of humanity and robot kind, depends on it.

Crazy Foolish Robots is a great fun work of art by Adeena Mignogna. The story focuses around Ruby Palmer. Ruby lives on the space station Astroll 2 with her two uncles. Eager to take part in the Titan expedition, but not meeting the age requirement of 21, Ruby takes matters into her own hands and embarks on her own journey to Titan. On her journey to Titan things go awry and Ruby ends up going up against her greatest fear, robots. Not just a few, but a planet’s worth.

What I enjoyed

I was hesitant about reading this novel. I am a fan of science fiction books. Just as equal as a fan of comedies, but I didn’t think the two mix well together in book form, but Mignogna proved me wrong. Mignogna uses situational comedy and doesn’t force the jokes. The comedy elements of the book don’t overtake seriousness elements and vice versa.

Being a huge fan of science fiction, it’s the little things that count. Instead of using a cellphone, for example, Ruby uses a device called communicuff. It’s one of those small little things that I enjoy in science fiction and Mignogna touches on those small but very important details throughout her book.

Ruby was a character I was invested in. She is someone I was able to really get behind and cheer for. She was the heart and soul of this novel.

What I didn’t enjoy

My only thing that I didn’t enjoy was that it really took awhile for things to really pick up. I was seven chapters in before things took off. Other than that, I have no complaints.


Crazy Foolish Robots is a great mixture of science fiction and comedy. Serious when it needs to be, but can have a fun light hearted tone. Mignogna pays attention to those small little details throughout her book which is really refreshing and lets the reader know she is a genuine fan of science fiction and has done her homework. The character of Ruby is a great breath of fresh air and gives the reader a character to be invested in. My only negative is that it takes a bit for the story to get going, but once it gets going, it gets going. Mignogna has truly made me a fan of this blend of science fiction and comedy. I have heard of this genre but thought I wouldn’t enjoy it. I would definitely consider reading more of this interesting mixture by Mignogna.

Final Score

5 out of 5 stars.





“It was just a myth. Just a damn legend passed down from corrupted databanks...”

A strange probe from a long-forgotten satellite network appears in the P’hori star system. Its message: a dire warning signalling the return of an ancient mythological evil. Imperator Da’kora Corasar and the crew of the Qesh’kal are sent to determine the probe’s origin, and find that the satellite is not as they had expected. Corasar trusts the satellite’s data, but not everyone aboard agrees. Tensions rise and loyalties are tested as they track down the source of the signal. Thrust into conflict, the crew of the Qesh’kal must chase their foe across the galactic arm and save their home from certain destruction.

The Re-Emergence is a great sci-fi novella written, Alan Dell. Satellite Seventeen, which is part of a network of satellites constructed by P’hori picks up an unknown signal.. The P’hori learns of the signal, the crew of the Qesh’kal are tasked with finding the source of the signal received. Once they find the source, they have a new mission. That mission, making it home alive.

What I enjoyed

ANYONE can write sci-fi. Not everyone can write GOOD sci-fi. Alan didn’t write a good sci-fi story. He wrote a GREAT work of sci-fi art. Dell’s world building talents really makes everything come to life. The attention to detail that Dell used to create this world is something comparable to Star Wars, Star Trek and other sci-fi epics.

Another element of Dell’s work that sticks out and what really makes this sci-fi epic, epic is the crew of the Qesh’kal. None of them are human. It’s a small thing, but it’s those small things that really turn a good sci-fi into a great sci-fi.

The characters are ones any sci-fi fan can really get invested in. The story is told from the point of view of four characters, Da’Kora, Ra’azni, Ashfan, and Seventeen (Yes the actual satellite itself). All of which bring their own distinctive view of matters throughout the story.

There is another component that shows that Dell takes great time in crafting his work of art, a glossary. Dell has a glossary that defines words, terms and so on. This remarkable feature really made this sci-fi work stand out above all the other sci-fi works I have came across.

What I didn’t enjoy

The only thing that I didn’t enjoy is that the story is being told from four POVs. Although it is nice seeing things from a different POV, it can be a bit jarring.


Dell’s work of sci-fi art shows he is a fan of sci-fi and has done his homework for crafting this masterpiece. The world and story are full of nothing but excitement that will keep you turning the pages. Attention to details like a non-human crew, an entire glossary and other factors really make this work of art standout. I found the story having four different POVs entertaining, but a bit jarring at the same time. The Re-Emergence is just the first installment of The Augment Saga. I am adamantly looking forward to the future installments and what Dell brings to sci-fi writing.

Final Score

5 out of 5 stars.





Zendaya Fernwood carries with her a secret. The world around her is a lie, an ingeniously designed digital prison for the mind. Escape occupies her every thought. Freedom is her goal and nothing will stop her from unplugging. What awaits Zendaya is a fate far worse than she could have imagined. Beyond her prison is a scorched earth where man and machine wage war in a seemingly endless campaign of suffering. There is hope on the horizon, a unique figure with the potential of rising from the shadows of the scorched earth to make a difference. To finally, after so very long, give humans the freedom they deserve.

I had the pleasure of listening to the audiobook version of Unplugged. Written by J.B. Taylor and narrated by Helen Macfarlane. Unplugged is a compelling dystopian sci-fi centering on protagonist Zendaya Fernwood. Fernwood works as a Peace Keeper. The police force for the Honorable Father. Fernwood lives her life on repeat. Wake up, got to work, come home. Repeat till dead. Things change when she notices that the world around her is not what it appears to be. She learns that it’s all digital. Does Zendaya have what it takes to unplug from the digital world and make it to the real one?

The story is straightforward and to the point. This is not a bad thing. It’s actually a great thing. In a world where writers are trying to come up with convoluted stories, it’s nice to pick up a sci-fi book with a tight storyline and just turn your brain off. It is slow at first half, but afterwards the book really picks up. Once in the second half of the book, it’s full of action. Even though second half is very face paced, it’s very well paced, and the reader doesn’t get lost. To get a good idea of how this book is, think The Matrix, iRobot, and George Orwell’s 1984 all came together.

The story is predictable, but that doesn’t take away from writing full to the brim with a grand description that keeps you sucked in. A great example of this would be the opening paragraph of the story. If I had to explain the writing in this paragraph in one word, it would be smooth.

Zendaya rolled over in her sleep, her face awash in the moonlight slipping through the curtains. She stood in a doorway watching a small white cat that curled in on itself, asleep, its sides a steady cascade of respiration. The cat awoke and stretched high on its paws; mouth open in a fierce yawn. The hallway glared bright white, and Zendaya woke with a start and sat up. Breathing heavily, she looked to the digital clock on her bedside table. It was a little after three. Ungraciously, she shoved the blanket away and swung her legs around. Her bare feet registered the cold wood floor. The moonlight, the cold, none of it was real, but that didn’t stop the goosepimples from rising on her flesh, for a shiver to run up her spine. Knowing the truth wasn’t enough.

Finally, I would like to talk about the most important part of an audiobook, the narrator. Macfarlane does an amazing job at bringing this story to life. An example of this would be her performance of the primary antagonist. The antagonist is very black and white. Straightforward. Her talents bring this character to life. Another example would be her bringing a lot of intensity to the performance. She doesn't do it by upping her volume, but by upping her emotions behind the words. I would differently listen to another performance by her.

Unplugged the audiobook is great for any fan of sci-fi. Although the story can be predictable, it is still enjoyable. The combination of Taylors’ smooth writing and intense performance from Macfarlane brings this story to life and makes for an enjoyable read and listen.

Final Score






An eclectic, literary science fiction short story collection. The Shivering Ground blends future and past, earth and otherworldliness in surreal tales that shimmer with art, philosophy, dance, film, and music.

A haunting medieval song in the mouth of a guard, an 1800s greatcoat on the shoulders of a playwright experiencing a quantum love affair, alien worlds both elsewhere and in the ruined water at our feet: these stories startle us with the richness and emptiness of what we absolutely know and simultaneously cannot pin into place.

In the tender emotions, hidden ecological or relational choices, and the sheer weight of a compelling voice, readers “hear” each story, endlessly together and apart.

The Shivering Ground and Other Short Stories, written by Sara Barkat, are a collection of superb short stories. These 11 short stories range from science fiction, alternative, dystopian and more. Each story brings its own unique voice rich in significant details.

Each story is just as captivate as the last. The title story, The Shivering Ground, is a story about a man guarding a Solenoid. The Solenoids are creatures who went to war against mankind in a very long and brutal war. During this time, they both learn about and understand each other. This was my favorite of the collection of stories. Barkat really brings this story to life. I would really love to see this story flushed out into a full-length book. This isn’t a negative comment. She wraps each story up from start to finish. I just think this one or any of the other short stories would make for a great full-length book. Her stories leave the reader wanting more, but in a good way.

Another story that caught my eyes was The Eternal In-Between. Not only does it really make you think, but the other element that caught my eye was that it was told in the point of view as if YOU were the character. It was a bit jarring at first, and I had to reread it to make sure I read that correctly. I don’t recall coming across something like that in a story, so that really took me by surprise. Something like that, to me, made a great impact on the story. It was as if I was the character. I would definitely enjoy reading something from Barkat in that point of view.

The Shivering Ground and Other Short Stories are a collection of great short stories. All of them are riveting and thought provoking. Barkat does a great job at fulling flushing out each of these stories from start to finish, but they leave you wanting more. I look forward to another collection of short stories by her or even turning one of these short stories into a full-length novel.

Final Score 

5 out 5 stars.





Abducted in the dead of night by a mountainous thug and a ginger-haired dwarf, eighteen-year-old Jack Flint is taken to an underground bunker where he and a group of other teens are forced to fight an implacable enemy in a dream world rife with danger.

Whiplash written by Morgan Quaid is an exciting book that is part dystopian and part fantasy and all action, adventure, drama and even a pinch of love. This gripping story starts off with off our protagonist Jack Flint being kidnapped and taken to a secret bunker by a man of a mountain and a dwarf. Along with Jack, there are other teens there and no one knows why. After being poked, prodded and having countless test ran on him, Jack finds out the reason he and the others are there in the bunker. The world has been hit with a pandemic like no other. People are falling asleep, but not waking up. They are dying instead. Jack and other teens must put a stop to this unique pandemic before the rest of the world takes a permanent dirt nap.

Throughout this adventure, Quaid does a satisfying job of taking the reader down twist and turns, leaving the reader asking what is next and wanting more. The first few chapters is a lot of setup of what is coming. This may sound boring at first, but the relationship between the characters really carries this first part of the book. I would say around chapters 6 and 7 is when things really pick up.

Picture this book like a rollercoaster. You are slowly going up the steep hill. Once at the top, you get a clear picture of everything and once you go down that hill, that’s when the fun really starts. Quaid does a great job and building that tension and then things take off quick and full of non-stop action.

Without giving too much away, this book takes place in two different worlds. The real world and what ill call the Dream World. Quaid does a great job at giving these two settings their own personalities. In the real world, we are stuck in this cold and unforgiving military styled bunker. It’s like an army drill sergeant yelling at you, saying it’s kill or be killed. The Dream World is a street smart individual who knows all the tricks of the trade. He will smile at you from the front, but stab you in the back if need be, to get ahead.

The characters within this book are well written and play off each other very well. That’s characters you love, you will really love. The characters that you hate, you really hate them. The entire cast of characters are entertaining in their own ways.

Whiplash is a mix between Enders Game, Inception and a pinch for your favorite dystopian movie all rolled into one. Flushed out characters and settings make this a very entertaining read. The way the book ended makes me hungry for the next installment of this series.

Final Score


4 out 5




The Great Barrier is an irradiated wasteland of magnetars, black holes and supernovae, spanning millions of light years in every direction. Igniting behind the last of the generation ships that clawed their way to these new stars, it slammed the doors shut on them, cutting off their only way back. Now, after centuries of colonial fragmentation, infighting and isolation, an ancient ship of unknown origin has washed up on the cosmic shores of the barrier. And a long forgotten mystery has reopened its wounds. With time running out before the ship is sucked back into a stellar ocean of deadly radiation, a retired intelligence officer is forced to assemble a first response team consisting of a disillusioned field medic, a pair of space divers with serious trust issues and an assassin with an exotic battle chassis for a body. But to complete the team, he’ll need someone to pilot their decommissioned subship “The Abyss”. And the only choice he has left is a washed up racer, who’d rather be anywhere else but back in the pilot’s seat.

Burn of the Abyss, written by Dmitry Pavlovsky is a fast-paced action packed space sci-fi adventure. Rikki, a former navy pilot, is asked to take on one last mission. The mission? To be part of a team to investigate an ancient spaceship. While on this mission, this ragtag group of misfits quickly finds out that there is more to this simple mission.

I want to start off with the pacing of this book. The pacing was great from start to finish. It was very get up and go. Pavlovsky does a great job of taking you from point A to point B and the process of getting there is an action packed rollercoaster.

Along with the great pacing, this story had a bit of everything. There is great humor. Hard-hitting tragedy that doesn’t tug on your heartstrings, but it yanks on them. This story even had a bit of romance as well. All of which are portrayed by interesting and dynamic characters.

This story had everything that makes this a great sci-fi read. Epic space battles. Captivating alien

life-forms. Advanced sci-fi cyborgs. Finally last, but not least that every sci-fi fan enjoys, unique sci-fi jargon.

Burn of the Abyss is a great sci-fi space adventure. This adventure has everything. A fasted and well-paced story. Outstanding characters that make you experience a range of emotions. Great classic sci-fi elements like well detailed epic space battles, sci-fi jargon and other elements that bring this book to life. This is an entertaining book that any sci-fi lover should add to their collection.

Final Score


3 out 5




The war of the worlds begins again as Martian tripods return to Earth!

The terror of the coming of the Martians is all but a distant memory, a bad dream that has faded with time. All George wants is a quiet suburban life - but at breakfast one morning his newspaper reports the shocking discovery of a Martian cylinder, found intact and unopened and carefully transported to London. Could it be from the first alien invasion, and are Martians still alive inside after more than 10 years?

By teatime George learns that vengeance-seeking Martians and their tripod fighting machines are already on their way back. This time, they are armed with a doomsday weapon, able to destroy all bacteria and completely annihilate Earth. The countless numbers of their projectiles form a huge green comet and invasion day will be just before Christmas.

The first attack by aliens was enough for any lifetime, but who would expect to be involved with two? Can George and his wife escape this new Martian apocalypse, and how will our planet survive a second time? 

The Day of the Martians continues the iconic Mars novel by H.G. Wells in this exciting, unmissable action adventure with original music and immersive sound effects - the first volume of the Martian Diaries audio drama science-fiction series. 

“The Martian Diaries” by H.E. Wilburson is a stunning tribute to H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds,” which continues the story of the Martians’ invasion in a unique and original way. This story captures the tone and atmosphere of the original novel, making it just as entertaining, if not more so.

“The Day Of The Martians” is the first volume in the “Martian Diaries” trilogy. After the Martians were defeated by bacteria, the people of Earth moved on with their lives, once again acting as if the Martian threat to humanity never happened. While humanity moves on, the Martians are preparing for their next attack against Earth.

I had the pleasure of listening to the audio version of this sci-fi adventure, and I have to say it was very pleasing. The sound effects and music, which were composed by Wilburson, really brought the story to life and gave the audio version of the book that extra spark of life.

The voice and narration of an audiobook are essential components that can make or break the listening experience. A good narrator can bring the story to life and captivate the listener, while a bad one can make the story difficult to follow. With the prologue done by Terry Thompson and the story itself performed by Harry Preston, these two really brought the story to life. If I were asked to rate the story based on the narration alone, I would give this audio adventure a 5 out of 5.

With the music and sound effects composed by Wilburson himself, they really brought the story to life and gave the audio version of the book that extra spark of life. The music and sound effects enhanced the story and narration without becoming a distraction.

The pacing of the audio version of this book was very well put together. With just the right amount of action, tension, romance, and everything in between, it kept me engaged the entire time. Being a huge sci-fi fan myself, I enjoyed the scientific accuracy, but at the same time, it also had that imaginative feel to it. The combination of these two elements made the story feel more plausible and believable.

Does one have to read the original “War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells to understand this story? No. The story does a great job of bringing one up to speed, but I’m sure it would help give one a greater appreciation for this book. I highly recommend the audiobook version of “The Martian Diaries: Vol.1 The Day Of The Martians” for anyone who enjoys science fiction and adventure. The expert narration, thrilling music, realistic sounds, and exciting story make for an immersive listening experience.

Final Score


4 out 5




Investigate, mitigate, and eliminate any abnormalities that threaten the planet. Former elite soldier, Jonathan Hawthorn has his work cut out for him. In a world where few people believe in the possibility of life existing outside of Earth, his job is to protect humanity—at all costs. Oceanographer, Ariella Marconi is suddenly thrust into the perilous deep when two large crystalline structures were detected on opposite ends of the ocean. Together, Ariella and Jonathan delve into the depths, investigating these objects as well as coming to a terrifying conclusion: the planet is in danger of destruction. With the ability to split the Earth in half, Ariella and Jonathan must join forces with unlikely candidates, both terrestrial and other-worldly, to understand what’s within the crystals, save the planet, and uncover their true fate. But is someone—or something—manipulating time and space to keep them from linking their destinies once and for all?

Through the Abyss, written by Sidney Son, is a captivating sci-fi novel. This exciting story centers around two interesting individuals. First, we have Ariella, a highly intelligent oceanographer researcher. Second, we have Jonathan, an effective soldier who is proficient at his job. Their mission? Within the deepest part of the ocean lies a great mystery. What is this mystery? Is it world-changing or world-ending?


The characters and character development in Through the Abyss really brings the story to life. The characters are rich with multiple elements such as complex personalities, unique backstories, and detailed motivations that drive them. Without giving too much away, there is a character death. Ariella displays her grief and sadness both on the outside and inside. However, one could view Jonathan as handling things very stoically on the outside, keeping himself together for Ariella so that she has a shoulder to lean on, but on the inside, he is just as grief-stricken.


The world-building within this book is detailed, offering the reader an immersive experience within its setting. It presents a multilayered world, from the deep dark depths of the ocean to the clandestine operations of military and scientific organizations. The exploration of underwater environments adds another complex layer to the world-building element. This adds great mysteries and puts wonders of the ocean on a pedestal. Son displays this when Ariella explores the depths of the ocean. She encounters breathtaking underwater landscapes full of life. Vivid descriptions of the vibrant coral reefs, colorful fish, and exotic marine creatures immerse the reader in the wonders of the ocean.


Through the Abyss is full of mystery, danger, and intrigue. Ariella and Jonathan's journey is to uncover what lies in the deepest parts of the ocean. A gripping plot seamlessly blends science fiction with elements of mystery and adventure. With each chapter, Son builds on the tension from the last. Son keeps the reader guessing with twists and turns and leaves the reader wanting more until the very end.


Through the Abyss is a great sci-fi read. Full of world-building elements, compelling characters, and a plot that makes any sci-fi fan want more. As the mysteries of the ocean unfold, readers will find themselves immersed in a captivating story. Full of mystery, action, and adventure, this is a great addition to any sci-fi collection.

Final Score


3 out 5

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